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Nightwaves : She's Electric (Vega Dub)

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"She's Electric"

We went to Lost Angeles once, a lifetime ago.

We went to Lost Angeles once, a lifetime ago. We stayed in a hotel on Rodeo drive that had an astroturf pool area and was surrounded by huge, gleaming luxury brand stores. We drank fancy juices, hired a car to go rubbernecking around the Hollywood Hills, and then left.
Josh Legg and Kyle Petersen are from LA, and as Nightwaves they make music that seems to peer back at an eighties version of the city, refracted through fading neon lights and scratched aviator shades.
Their debut single "She's Electric" starts with a burbling arpeggio and squelchy bassline before the mesmeric vocal drifts in and leads the track smoothly through melancholic verses and quietly exultant choruses, and back again. The crunchy, live sounding drums that lope in half way though help give the whole thing a slow, but chugging 110 bpm dancefloor appeal, and like so much good music around at the moment, we're not sure if Nightwaves are an electronic act, an indie band, or bit of both; but we know this is one of the better songs we've heard in while.
Alternative mixes come from Dissident bod Spacelex, who turns in a crafted neo- Italo version, keeping the vocal whole but working it across a rolling bassline, and topping it off with deep pads for an atmospheric outing. And new guys House of Nada ramp up the tempo's and introduce a banging piano riff all in the name of mindless boogie.

Written & Produced by Nightwaves.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(C) 2009 People In The Sky
(P) 2009 People In The Sky

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