"That Number EP"

Lead track "That Number" off their debut ep, is threatening to become next years "Over And Over"

When he's not popping up in the NME's "cool list" for looning about front of stage fulfilling guitar/vocal/ rabble rousing duties for "Does It Offend You Yeah", or playing with ex "Test Icicles" bod Rory in "Rattatag", Morgan Quaintance has spent the last 12 months with fellow St Albanites Dave Chin and Boomer Opperman dreaming up Plugs, a four headed, post-rave, afro influenced groove monster.
Lead track "That Number" off this, their debut ep, is threatening to become next years "Over And Over" according to some, with it's slow, skewed funk and irresistible hooks proving equally formidable on radio AND your more adventurous dancefloors (you need to hear this on a big system). Meanwhile, second track "Transatlantic Air Miles" casually veers off into thumb piano-driven, afro-pop territory.
A remix from young Parisian hotshot "Yuksek" rounds off the package in style. There's a fair few of his mixes floating around right now, but we haven't come across a better one than this, a stripped back, slowed down, more jacking take on the Parisian sound, with full use of the vocal and a lot of energy.

Written and Produced by Plugs.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) 2008 People In the Sky
(C) 2008 People In the Sky

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