People In The Sky About us

We began in the back of a record shop in east London in early 2006. We didn't really have any plans. We'd run electronic labels on and off for years but ever since the Strokes and the Rapture and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, we knew we wanted to do something new. When the Test Icicles and Clor and Ed Banger and Fujiya and Miyagi records started to turn up in the shop, we thought the time was probably right. We signed the Shesus / Debbies Shoes record from the States and got a really average mix from Sebastien on the cheap because Ed Banger was just starting up, and wondered what to do next. Then this 18yr old kid Ed Macfarlane turned up with a soaring,trancey, electronic record he wanted us to put out on one of our other labels, which we happily did. We told him about our 'sort of indie label' that we were starting, and he told us about a hardcore band he was in as a 15 yr old, we were keen to hear it, and through the scratchy recordings and muffled songs you could hear he could really sing. And so soon, with the help of our favourite Section 25 song for a name and the odd well picked cover version to beef up the first record, Friendly Fires was born. "The Photobooth Ep" didn't sell much at first but it got the band going, got the label a bit of profile, and it meant the Shesus record could come out. People In The Sky was up, and maybe not running, but going... certainly.