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"Imaginary Friends EP"

Groove hungry UK fourpiece Plugs made friends all over with the their Spring 08' debut 'That Number', clinching
'Hottest Record in the World on Zane Lowe' , single of the week accolade's on 6 Music and Radio 2, and love pouring
forth everywhere from NME to MTV, to various corners of the blogosphere . You can still hear it's slo mo, leftfield
thump on more adventurous dancefloors as hope's of a proper summer finally eke away.
In the four months since, main man Morgan Q has found time away from his pop star day job to help polish off this,
the worthy follow up. 'Imaginary Friend' is an elegantly crafted tail of bitterness and payback laid over wonky
technoid riffs and skuzzy basslines, working around jacking rhythms and Chi Town snares, all building to a portentous
and stirring finale. We're not sure if it's a club track or just a classy little song with a sparky backing, but
then that's Plugs all over .
B side 'Real Celebrities' takes a more Motorik approach to the rhythm section, but delivers an equally satisfying
song and more of the kind of punchy hooks the band are getting a reputation for .
Taking things off on a tangent, hot new Lex signings, Dissident veterans, and ex lecture hall sparring partners,
Heartbreak take another Plugs song ' Bodyheat' off for a little trip around central Italy circa 1983, and return
with a neat Italo - Electro version of the 'Spacer Woman' kind .
With a break in the clouds finally allowing them to do what they do best, live opportunities from November onwards
will see them ending 2008 with the same kind of momentum they started it .

Imaginary Friend EP
1) Imaginary Friend
2) Body Heat (Heartbreak Mix)
3) Real Celebrities
4) That Number (Yuksek Remix)
5) That Number (Barringtone Mix)
6) Body Heat (Original)
Written and Produced by Plugs
Published by Copyright Control
(P) 2008 People In The Sky
(C) 2008 People In The Sky
A1 = 1
A2 = 2
A3 = 5
B1 = 3
B2 = 4
Download only = 6

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