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Wax Stag
"Short Road EP"

Lead track 'Short Road' is a towering slab of rolling melodies and analogue arpeggios, joyously peaking and troughing in direct contrast to the flat landscape it was originally meant to evoke. Hit act Hot Chip recently included the track on their !K7 DJ Kicks compilation ("an emotional and exuberant electronic fanfare" according to their sleeve blurb), and young Warp upstart Chris Clark just charted the track at number one in 'One Week To live'.
'Folk Rock' takes a dreamier, more linear path - imagine a sparkling maroon Ford Cortina cruising over a windswept dyke, with the Top Of The Pops electronic orchestra playing Giorgio Moroder in the background.
Finally, 'Fantasy Gay' brings proceedings to a close with a slower, more melancholic feel; a poignant reminder of chances missed and times passed from this unluckiest of ex-producers.

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